No more feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I will help you design and build a life you feel so passionate about!

I am a Robbins – Madanes Trained coach, and I want to help you build a life you are passionate about!

I’m an entrepreneur, an Authenticity, Confidence and Business Coach. I am a realistic idealist, passionate about human potential.

Do you wish you could wake up every day, motivated, excited and super productive? You feel you could do more, be more, that you haven’t reached your full potential and you don’t know how. I would love to help!

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La experiencia de Danatal con Marie ha sido excepcional. Gracias a su excelente labor de coaching nos dimos cuenta de lo que necesitamos como empresa, y aprendimos ademas que lo personal nunca esta separado de lo laboral. Desde que encontramos a Marie nos sentimos más plenas y siempre creciendo, como personas y haciendo el trabajo que amamos. Siempre recomiendo sus cursos y en general los servicios. !Muchas gracias!

Fabiola Villa

Funder, Danatal

“With Marie, not only I reached my goals, beyond and unlike other proposals, Marie helped me build my project based on who I am and what I have to offer, from MY TRUTH and ORIGINALITY, to project to society something unique and competent and at the end, that makes me feel truly successful.

Eva Escapa

Funder, Eeva center

Taking the workshop with Marie has been very inspiring but also, it helped me ground loose ideas I had about what I wanted to do. In a few months, it helped me set goals and establish realistic habits. While in the group, we generated a support network for those moments of indecision and panic. Not only did I get more clarity about my projects, but I also have more self-confidence in order to achieve them.”

Olga Riebeling

Funder, Acampando en la Sala, Editorial Artesanal