I’m an entrepreneur, an Authenticity, Confidence and Business Coach. I am a realistic idealist passionate about human potential. I am living my dream: making a difference by helping the as many persons as possible create a life they are passionate about, and I want to help YOU live YOUR DREAMS and never settle for less than passion!

Right now, you might be sitting at your desk, exited about what you want to achieve, you know you have potential and you want to make a difference in the world but you are also feeling anxious and a little bit (or very much…!) scared.

You might find yourself binge watching TV shows on Netflix or youtube videos of cats panicking seeing cucumbers… I could even be great videos with amazing content totally related to your goals! BUT… still.. not.. doing.. what you know you should be doing to actually make a real step toward your goal.

You might be anxiously clicking between Pinterest and Instagram, doing your best not to listen to the little voice in your head asking you : ¨Who do you think you are? What makes you think that you make it?, You cannot do it, It´s too risky, They are going to make fun of you, What if, once more, you get stuck? You always sabotage your goals anyway…¨.

But you know what…? You CAN DO IT! YOU CAN LIVE, BE and DO EXACTLY what you desire! And that little voice… its totally normal… Just a protective instinct I´ll help you learn to tame.

You’re not alone in this. I’m here to help!

I believe that our dreams are given to us for a reason and that it is by building and living them that we become the best version of ourselves and make our best contributions to the world, reaching happiness, passion and realization on the way.

I am a passionate and very curious Authenticity, Confidence and Business Coach.  For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated my the human potential, the mysteries of the brain and the ability people have to shape their lives.

That is why, long before even thinking of allowing myself to be a professional coach, I had been studying techniques and courses on personal development, reaching goals, exploring potential and how to get unstuck (I have had A LOT of experience in that part! ). After a lot of self experimentation I found the tools to efficiently get myself out of those anxious and frustrating states, and started using them with my clients, working as a business consultant.

I soon realized that not only the coaching was what I was the most passionate about in my business (Seeing people reaching their goals makes me jumping-around-happy and when the person is actually someone I know, when I can witness them pushing their limits, seeing them expand in their confidence and capacity, being a part of this journey is just the absolute best feeling ever for me!), but that It was also what was definitely giving me the best results! I decided to get a formal coaching formation, being a big fan of Tony Robbins I obviously chose the training I had been dreaming about, the Robbins Madanes Training (!!!!), got my certification and started my coaching business!

When you work with me you will find the freedom to actually move forward and create a life your passionate about! 

You will get the clarity to know exactly what you want and what are the next steps to get it. And most of all, the confidence to act on it. You will move forward and create that e-course you have been wanting to do, or finally start your own business, apply new strategies to get more clients or ask for that promotion!

You will find the balance between the hustle to build this life and respecting, valuing and loving the process to get there.  Connecting to yourself to find both the unlimited motivation that comes from purpose and the flexibility to carry it out.

Most of all you’ll enjoy the ride toward each and every goal !